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Online Tuition


Teaching during a pandemic!

We have all had to adjust to life in the wake of Covid-19. Shortly after lockdown, I decided to move my students to online sessions to continue to support them and their families. Online tuition has come with both its challenges but ultimately rewards.
On a very practical level, there were issues with internet, my own children being at home and my husband also holding online meetings for work.  However, years ago I took a course in using Skype to deliver online lessons so I was prepared to make the move.

Online tuition

It has been an interesting challenge for me translating my teaching resources and methods to those that will also work remotely but it has also been fun!

Girl learning online
Overall it has worked well both for my students and for me.

It has been fantastic to see my students develop and improve their skills despite lockdown.
I have needed to be flexible with timings because some children find an hour's online tuition is too much. I have found that 45 minute sessions work best as we have enough time to move their learning forward whilst keeping concentration.

The new normal...

As we begin a new year and schools open up there are still challenges ahead and I am concious of keeping my students safe. Times are uncertain and we could be facing a winter of local lockdowns. With this in mind I am continuing to teach online but also beginning to explore blended learning options.

The great news is that I am able to help more children regardless of geography and have had enquiries from Australia and Europe!

So if you don't live anywhere near me or struggle to juggle afterschool activities with tutoring I can still help from the comfort of your own home.

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